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As the owner of a marijuana dispensary, you have some choices to make. You not only have to choose what products to sell, but how to package them. When it comes to many marijuana products, the two most popular options are mylar bags and cannabis jars. Which kind of packaging is better?

Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are a popular option for weed lovers. These bags are opaque, which allows them to be transported discretely and kept out of sight of curious children. The mylar bags used today are child-resistant and tamper-evident. They have a zip-locking mechanism to make them reusable and a tear tab at the top, so you’ll know if someone tried to get into your product before it reached your hands.

Some weed enthusiasts store their fresh bud permanently in mylar bags. The zip lock at the top creates a seal to keep marijuana fresh and uncontaminated. Mylar blocks UV rays, keeps the product cool, and (unlike plastic bags) is not made of toxic chemicals. These features help to retain the medicinal qualities of marijuana for as long as possible.

Keep in mind that due to some state laws surrounding weed, if you choose to sell your product in a container that you can see through, you will probably end up having to package the whole thing in a mylar bag anyway. For example, in California, all cannabis packaging must be opaque, so see-through glass jars aren’t sufficient for packaging weed. 

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