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4 Benefits of Customizing Cannabis Packaging
4 Benefits of Customizing Cannabis Packaging

If you’re starting a cannabis distribution business or opening a dispensary, you need to follow precise regulations regarding your packaging. In this article, we’ll give you the inside scoop on custom cannabis packaging and how to use product labeling to develop your brand.

Custom Cannabis Packaging: An Essential Marketing Tool

The market for legal marijuana is worth more than $13 billion worldwide. It’s predicted to grow to more than $60 billion by 2025. 

If you can market your brand effectively, you’ll retain customers and fuel your company’s growth

As crucial as it is for success, custom marijuana packaging doesn’t have to be expensive. Custom bags, pre-roll tubes, and glass containers actually cost the same amount as their flimsy, generic counterparts when ordered in bulk. 

Investing in high-quality glass jars, mylar bags, and childproof containers will ensure that your customers leave your dispensary thinking of your business as reputable one that works to not only ensure consumer safety, but also to provide a high-quality product. If you manage to string enough of these positive impressions together, your brand will develop a loyal following. 

Why Should You Customize Your Cannabis Packaging?

1. It’s cost-effective

In addition to creating positive user experiences, customizing your cannabis packaging will help you save on shipping and storage costs. You’ll also be able to lower your waste with sturdy, long-lasting containers. 

2. It can be eco-friendly

To further reduce your environmental impact and engage with your customer base, consider starting a container return reward program. This will not only reduce the money you spend on containers, but it will also go a long way toward making eco-conscious customers happy with your business and its ethos. Be sure to check for any legal restrictions in your area before you get started.

3. It can save you from costly legal fees

Every state has its own packaging rules for cannabis oil, flowers, tinctures, and edibles, and it’s important to adhere to these rules. You want your dispensary to thrive, so you need to make sure that you don’t experience unnecessary setbacks due to legal violations that incur heavy fines and sanctions. 

Once you’ve figured out how to legally package all of your products, getting a custom supplier to produce your packaging to your specifications will save you valuable time, as you won’t have to check to make sure every supplier you get packaging from is compliant with your local laws.

4. It helps you establish a brand image 

Packaging can do a lot to influence how customers think of your brand—as much as your storefront or even product quality. By creating an appealing, custom packaging and labeling scheme, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. The next time a client runs out of product, they’ll remember your unique-looking products.

The Takeaway

The most important thing to keep in mind as you’re starting your dispensary is that high-quality packaging doesn’t have to cost more. At Cannabiz, we offer custom cannabis packaging solutions that are on-brand, standards-compliant, and available to ship quickly to your location. We even offer same-day delivery within the Las Vegas area. 

Check out our customized packaging services and let us know what you need. If you’re not sure yet, we’ll be happy to help!