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How to Streamline Your Cannabis Packaging Process
4 Ways to Streamline Your Marijuana Packaging Process

In the cannabis industry, packaging plays a major role in driving your brand image and the public perception of your business. In a competitive market, consumers and business partners can afford to judge a book by its cover, so make sure you get your marijuana packaging right.

While it’s important to create visually appealing packaging, it’s just as important for that packaging to comply with state regulations and protect the freshness and purity of your product.

Because your packaging can determine whether your product is kept fresh and whether you’re in compliance with state cannabis laws, it’s important to pick the right provider. Your packaging supplier should have a track record as a reliable producer of high-quality cannabis packaging.

In this article we’ll be tackling the process of designing your product’s packaging and partnering with the right manufacturer.

Use These Four Steps to Streamline Your Marijuana Packaging Process:

1. Comply: Save Yourself Time and Money

Does your packaging contain all required warnings and symbols? Does it clearly show allergen information? Does it meet with state requirements for child-resistant packaging and tamper-evident seals?

Make sure that your packaging complies with all regulations, keeping in mind that these may vary from state to state. Failure to meet the requirements could result in fines, and your product could be pulled from dispensary shelves. Be safe and seek legal counsel for advice.

2. Be Prepared for New Laws

The cannabis market is new and constantly evolving. It’s important to keep in mind that cannabis regulation is evolving along with it. All your efforts to create appealing and informative packaging will be wasted if you have to recall your products for legal reasons.

Always stay current on cannabis legislation wherever your products are sold and ensure that both your product and its packaging comply.

3. Make Sure Your Marijuana Packaging Makes Sense

Your main objective when designing packaging, other than legality, should be to make sure that it works for your customers.

This may seem a daunting task, but it’s more straightforward than you might think; the best way to find out what potential customers make of your product is to simply ask them. We recommend that you speak with potential customers, whether they be dispensary buyers or end users, to ensure that your product’s packaging is on message and appealing.

Do most people wonder what the dosage is after looking at your packaging? If so, you need to redesign so that this information is clearly displayed. Are your buyers excited by your packaging’s color scheme? Then make sure to keep this style for future products.

At the end of the day, your customers decide whether you succeed or fail, so be sure that you value their opinions accordingly.

4. Plan Ahead and Don’t Run Out

With the ever-increasing number of manufacturers and dispensaries entering the cannabis industry, packaging shortages can be a real issue. Manufacturers caught off-guard may have to change their packaging on the fly, which poses problems with regards to legality and brand recognition.

When you are designing your marijuana packaging, keep demand and production times in mind and plan accordingly in order to ensure that you won’t run out.

Ordering from a reliable distributor is key to ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality product. Work with your packaging provider to create a buying plan so that you’re never without the packaging you need to sell your product.

Packaging – More Than Compliance

In addition to ensuring compliance with state laws, your marijuana packaging plays a major role in the first impression your customer forms of your product. Marijuana packaging needs to engage customers, protect your product, and be available when you need it.

Cannabiz Supply offers one-stop shopping for every cannabis item you might need – besides cannabis itself, of course (that’s where you come in!) Ask us about our custom labelling and packaging. We’ll help you form a streamlined packaging strategy that will accelerate your business.