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Why You Need Brand Guidelines for Cannabis Packaging

You know that great packaging is a must for your products. A set of brand guidelines can help ensure that your packaging stays on-brand, looks professional and is completed quickly and on budget. Not having established brand guidelines makes the entire packaging design process more difficult. It takes longer to complete because of ongoing communication. […]

Nevada Marijuana Packaging and Labeling Laws

Since 2017, Nevada marijuana laws have stated that marijuana is legal for recreational purposes by anyone over the age of 21. As long as you can provide a valid ID, you can purchase cannabis from the 65 dispensaries that are operating within the state, without the need for a medical card. These dispensaries are made […]

Dispensary Packaging Strategy – Guide

The cannabis industry of 2020 is booming. Every year, more states are voting to legalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, resulting in an explosion of new businesses as entrepreneurs scramble to get a piece of the profit. If you’re one of these entrepreneurs, you’re going to need the best supplies and accessories to make […]

Cannabis Dispensaries’ Marketing and Branding: Full Guide 2020

Today’s cannabis industry is expanding rapidly, offering real profit potential for entrepreneurs. However, with the industry’s booming sales comes serious competition. If you want your cannabis manufacturing or retailing business to succeed, you need to create a strong and recognizable brand identity. So, let’s go ahead and see why is branding important in the cannabis industry. […]

Usage of Mylar Bags for Dispensaries: All You Need to Know

Mylar is like Kleenex. Not because you use it to blow your nose – we don’t recommend trying that – but because it’s actually a brand name for a common product. Mylar is manufactured by DuPont Teijin Films from fibers of a compound known as polyethylene terephthalate. SHOULD YOU USE A SMELL-PROOF MYLAR BAG TO PACKAGE […]