Mylar is like Kleenex. Not because you use it to blow your nose – we don’t recommend trying that – but because it’s actually a brand name for a common product. Mylar is manufactured by DuPont Teijin Films from fibers of a compound known as polyethylene terephthalate.  

In its final commercial form, Mylar is a flexible, insulative, and durable material. It is a popular component in emergency warming blankets, home insulation, and even musical instruments. But it’s also used in commercial packaging for a variety of products including cannabis, and if your dispensary isn’t using it, you’re missing out. 

Mylar Bags as Cannabis Packaging – 4 Key Benefits

 1. Mylar keeps flowers fresh.

Because of its chemical construction, Mylar helps cannabis products and other consumables to last longer. It’s so effective as a freshness protector, in fact, that survivalists use it to store food long-term. It keeps out water and air so that even dry products like pasta – or cannabis – last until you need them. 

You may not be preparing your dispensary to survive the zombie apocalypse, but you’ll certainly benefit from extending the shelf life of your products. The longer they last, the less your dispensary supplies will cost! Your customers also benefit because their purchase stays fresher for longer. 

2. Mylar is flexible.

Chemically, Mylar is a form of flexible plastic sheeting. It’s a popular material used to make birthday balloons (the silvery kind, not the rubbery variety), yogurt lids, coffee pouches, and roasting bags, among other packaging and commercial products.

In the marijuana packaging industry, Mylar is used most often to make flower bags. You can get high-quality mylar bags in many different shapes and sizes, from pre-roll to 3.5 grams to a full ounce. With so many bags at your disposal, you’ll be able to customize orders to almost any shopper’s specifications. 

3. Mylar is durable enough for transportation and storage.

In order to run a successful dispensary, you need bags that are multi-functional. They have to store your product before purchase and keep it fresh after it goes home with the customer. You’ve already seen that Mylar can do that. 

Mylar is durable enough for long-term storage in even the most crowded stockroom, and it stands up to bulk and personal transport. Unlike plastic, it’s puncture-resistant, so you can trust it to be in the same condition at the end of a trip as it was in when it started.

4. Mylar has a quality you can see and feel.

If you buy coffee in a pouch, you already know how sturdy Mylar feels. You can toss one of those bags in your grocery cart and not worry about it breaking – a major act of trust, considering the potential mess inherent in coffee grounds. 

Mylar has the same effect on the customers at your cannabis dispensary. Hand them a Mylar bag and they know they’re holding a high-quality product. It blocks out light and air, and it’s sturdy – you can tell when you hold it that you don’t need to treat it with kid gloves.

The Takeaway

Mylar inspires confidence in consumers, pure and simple. Cannabiz Supply stocks high-quality Mylar bags that allow any cannabis dispensary to take advantage of its potential. Call us today and learn how we can give you packaging that looks professional, durable, and up-to-the-minute in its design.