5 Ways to Improve Your Cannabis Packaging Strategy

If you could describe your marijuana packaging in three or four words, what would they be?   

Ideally, you’ll use dynamic adjectives that leap off the tip of your tongue. Whether it’s hip, traditional, minimalist, or eclectic, you should be able to describe your brand as personally as you’d describe a friend.

Maybe you’re not there yet, but that’s your goal. Maybe you are there, but you want to communicate it better. Either way, there’s room for improvement, so here are a few ways you can take your cannabis packaging strategy to the next level.

1. Get to know your target audience.

You can’t know how to design your packaging until you know who’s going to see it. Your first question, assuming you live in a state where marijuana is legal for adult use, should be whether you want to be known as a medical or a recreational dispensary.

If you’re branding yourself as a medical dispensary, you’ll want to focus on informative labeling and design that’s suitable for a healthcare product.    

Recreational cannabis dispensaries can go for a more casual look, but again, it depends on what market segment you’re targeting. Your packaging will look different if you’re targeting sophisticated young fitness enthusiasts than if most of your walk-ins are college students looking to experiment. Think about who you usually see in your store and, if possible, analyze your sales data to find out who’s buying.

2. Match your design strategy to your demographic.

Maybe you’re one of those dispensaries that wellness enthusiasts like to patronize. If that’s the case, your customers probably know exactly what they want, and are usually in and out quickly. You’ll want your packaging strategy to be convenience-focused with a design that emphasizes physical activity.

Other dispensaries get a lot of older adults who are looking for pain relief, help sleeping, or other relief for medical problems. They tend to prefer topicals or edibles, often need easy-to-open packaging, and appreciate clearly printed dosing instructions.

If you get a lot of curious experimenters, you might want to focus more on the design element of your packaging. Make it exciting, but stay away from cartoons and cartoonish fonts – dispensaries are legally prohibited from marketing to children

3. Familiarize yourself with the competition.

It’s important for you to know who your competition is and what they’re doing, especially if there are a lot of dispensaries in your area. The good news is that you can do much of this on your own.

  • Do an online search. Find out what they’re selling and what their packaging looks like. 
  • Visit their locations, or send a friend to scope them out for you. How appealing are their displays? 
  • Host a focus group or send out research surveys to find out where people are shopping and why

This way, you can figure out what packaging styles are getting the most buy-in around your area. 

4. Decide what design style fits your unique brand. 

In any retail industry, packaging has three important jobs:  

  1. Set the product apart from the competition
  2. Provide a consistent experience every time
  3. Establish the brand’s identity

Determine what makes your brand different from the others out there. Are all the rest casual, while yours is sleek and minimalist? Or are you the splash of color in a black-and-white world? 

These are decisions you have to make if you want to be a brand, not just a product.

5. Do a compliance check.

Once you have your packaging strategies in place, make sure that your design and labeling complies with state laws. We’ve already mentioned the ban on child-friendly branding, but be aware that many states require child-resistant packaging.   

While you’re at it, look at the other packaging laws in your state. You don’t want to release the perfect packaging only have to recall and reprint it! 

Stand Out by Going Custom

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