Cannabiz Supply Product Taglines

What comes to mind when you hear the phrases “Just Do It” or “I’m Lovin’ It”? No matter what the context is, there’s a part of your brain that immediately jumps to Nike or McDonald’s. That’s because effective branding can work wonders when it comes to engraining your company and its image into the minds of your current and potential customers. 

Creating product slogans and unique packaging for your dispensary should be a central part of your business outreach strategy. As a business owner, you should spend time brainstorming with creative thinkers and marketing experts to come up with a succinct phrase that captures the essence of your brand. Let’s take a closer look at how taglines can help your business grow:

Taglines Assist with Brand Recognition

Maybe you consider your store to be “The Happiest Place on Earth” – but wait, that’s already taken by Disney. Maybe your customers “Open Happiness” after buying your product, but that tagline has already been claimed by Coca-Cola. 

If you choose your tagline wisely, it will let you tap into the same mechanism of brand association that large corporations benefit from when you hear their catchphrases. 

When deciding on your tagline, bear in mind that it should fit the image and feel of your business. You want your customers to notice your dispensary and remember their experience with it positively. Above all, you want them to return. Your tagline should reflect this. 

Taglines Tell Your Story

Are your products medicinal or recreational? By crafting clear taglines and creating an attractive logo that can be added to labels or directly to your packaging, you will attract the interest of potential customers, quickly and simply letting them know what your product does. 

It really only takes a few well-chosen words, a compelling color scheme, and a simple, memorable logo to express the most important information about your company. The good news is that because the legal cannabis industry is so new, there are still plenty of great taglines and packaging ideas that you can claim for your brand.

Share Your Mission

It’s not just the quality of the product you sell that determines the success of your dispensary – the real strength of your business comes from the mission and core values that set you apart from the competition. Your packaging is the medium through which you can communicate these values to your potential consumers. 

The look and feel of your cannabis packaging are just as important as your product. Think about what types of emotions and expectations you want your customers to have when thinking about your product. Your tagline should communicate the overall feeling of the shopping experience at your dispensary in the best light possible.

Every cannabis dispensary should put effort into creating effective and memorable taglines and packaging. Once you’ve decided on a marketing strategy, it’s easy to execute it with Cannabiz Supply. We’re a packaging company that provides jars, bags, vapes, and other goods and accessories to cannabis dispensaries. 

Cannabiz Supply specializes in the on-site label printing and custom packaging you need to help your dispensary grow. To learn more, check us out at our website.