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California Cannabis Packaging Requirements
California Canabis

California might be the state most associated with marijuana. The state decriminalized weed in the 1970s and legalized medical marijuana in the 90s, with requirements that made it fairly easy to get a prescription.

Now that recreational marijuana use is legal in the state, there are some new packaging requirements that cannabis businesses must follow. It can be hard to keep track of the changing regulations. Here are the most up-to-date marijuana packaging rules for California.

Child Resistance Is Key

All marijuana packaging must be child resistant and must not appeal or advertise to children in any way. As of 2019, it’s sufficient for either the product’s manufactured packing or exit packaging to be child resistant. In 2020, however, the regulations will tighten, and all product packaging will have to be child resistant. Note that there is an actual certification that guarantees “child resistance,” so do your research when picking your packaging products.

Now that weed products cannot be designed in a way that appeals to children, some experts are predicting that we may see the end of weed gummies in the shape of bears, as that mimics a popular candy that many kids love. Keep this in mind when developing products or marketing campaigns for your cannabis products. Companies should avoid using cartoon characters in their packaging and marketing, and even slogans and fonts that could be taken as an attempt to appeal to children or teenagers. 

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