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Cannabis Dispensaries’ Marketing and Branding: Full Guide 2020

Today’s cannabis industry is expanding rapidly, offering real profit potential for entrepreneurs. However, with the industry’s booming sales comes serious competition.

If you want your cannabis manufacturing or retailing business to succeed, you need to create a strong and recognizable brand identity. So, let’s go ahead and see why is branding important in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Branding Helps You Stand Out from the Competition

Think for a moment of a popular brand name. Regardless of the product or service the company provides, the brand’s name alone has probably brought images, logos, and ideas (such as quality or affordability) into your head. This is the result of effective branding.

To use branding to your advantage, you need to determine who you want to appeal to and what your brand represents. When appealing to working-class consumers, for instance, you might highlight your product’s affordability and simplicity, whereas you might focus on superior quality and exclusivity when appealing to wealthy customers.

Once you’ve settled on a brand image, you need to promote it on your website, in your office or store, and through advertisements and on social media. It is important to be consistent when you’re promoting your brand – you don’t want to send mixed signals to your customers.

Why is Branding Essential in the Cannabis Industry?

Keep Your Marijuana Brand in Mind When Hiring

Your company’s image isn’t defined just by your advertisements or online presence. If you have retail locations or offices, it’s crucial to make sure that these spaces reinforce your desired brand image.

If you’re trying to market your company as friendly and helpful, a shop staffed by inattentive or rude employees will go a long way towards undoing your efforts.

The best way to ensure that your employees strengthen your brand image is to only hire employees who fit it in the first place. Paying real attention to the hiring process will save you from having to deal with high employee turnover and retraining later on.

Branding Makes People Trust You

When customers recognize your brand as relatable and consistent, they’re more trusting of your business. This trust will help you build a consistent and loyal customer base.

Now that you know how crucial branding is, it’s time to get the packaging that strengthens yours. Cannabiz Supply offers high-quality, affordable packaging products and accessories that you can use to strengthen your brand and create a great first impression on your consumers. With products that range from labels and jars to vaporizers and glassware, we can help your brand grow.



The cannabis industry has grown markedly in recent years and offers exciting growth potential for manufacturers and distributers. The challenge lies in differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Product quality is important, but this alone won’t get your product noticed. As is the case in many industries, packaging, presentation and promotion are key to sparking your customer’s interest.

It’s also important to be aware of the varying local laws and ordinances that regulate cannabis sales and promotion. These four tips will help your cannabis company stand out from the competition:

1. Don’t Advertise with Outlets that Oppose Cannabis Use

Unfortunately, not everyone is enthusiastic about the various medical and recreational uses of cannabis. Many commonly used marketing outlets, such as social media companies and ad networks, can be very unfriendly to paid marijuana dispensary ads.

When you’re considering purchasing ads or joining an ad network, make sure the network is cannabis-friendly before you spend a dime. This will ensure that your product is presented in a positive light, to an audience that will be interested in (instead of hostile to) your message.


2. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Analog

Due to constraints on online advertising, many cannabis businesses prefer to stick to traditional, analog advertising methods. Billboards, wearable merchandise, and sponsored events are all great ways to gain brand recognition.

The more you associate your brand with events, celebrities, or even fashions that are in demand, the more your brand will stick with your potential customers in a positive way.

3. Create Your Own Content

Many savvy entrepreneurs have found that creating in-house content can be a great way of establishing a brand identity while saving on advertising expenses. This can be done with text, images, or even videos featured on your various social media accounts.

Legal limitations make it difficult to pay for cannabis ads on social media, but a successful post can be just as effective in creating brand recognition and engagement. Make sure to maintain a consistent style and message when you post – when you create your own content, you have to worry about establishing your brand yourself.


4. Be Media-Worthy

Position your brand as an authority on all things cannabis. Reach out to local news outlets and let them know you’re happy to be a source for cannabis facts and industry statistics. You can even reach out to them with news pitches that present your business in a favorable light. New legislation, controversies, studies, and more are all fair game.

You want to create goodwill towards your business in your community. You can also do this by hosting events for the public or contributing to local charities.

Now that you’re ready to market your marijuana business, think about contacting Cannabiz Supply. We’ll make sure that you have the packaging and hardware you need to stand out from the competition. We’ll take care of the presentation side of your business so that you can focus on providing a great product to keep your customers coming back.



What comes to mind when you hear the phrases “Just Do It” or “I’m Lovin’ It”? No matter what the context is, there’s a part of your brain that immediately jumps to Nike or McDonald’s. That’s because effective branding can work wonders when it comes to engraining your company and its image into the minds of your current and potential customers.

Creating product slogans and unique packaging for your dispensary should be a central part of your business outreach strategy. As a business owner, you should spend time brainstorming with creative thinkers and marketing experts to come up with a succinct phrase that captures the essence of your brand. Let’s take a closer look at how taglines can help your business grow:

Taglines Assist with Brand Recognition

Maybe you consider your store to be “The Happiest Place on Earth” – but wait, that’s already taken by Disney. Maybe your customers “Open Happiness” after buying your product, but that tagline has already been claimed by Coca-Cola.

If you choose your tagline wisely, it will let you tap into the same mechanism of brand association that large corporations benefit from when you hear their catchphrases.

When deciding on your tagline, bear in mind that it should fit the image and feel of your business. You want your customers to notice your dispensary and remember their experience with it positively. Above all, you want them to return. Your tagline should reflect this.

why taglines are important for your dispensary’s brand

Taglines Tell Your Story

Are your products medicinal or recreational? By crafting clear taglines and creating an attractive logo that can be added to labels or directly to your packaging, you will attract the interest of potential customers, quickly and simply letting them know what your product does.

It really only takes a few well-chosen words, a compelling color scheme, and a simple, memorable logo to express the most important information about your company. The good news is that because the legal cannabis industry is so new, there are still plenty of great taglines and packaging ideas that you can claim for your brand.

Share Your Mission

It’s not just the quality of the product you sell that determines the success of your dispensary – the real strength of your business comes from the mission and core values that set you apart from the competition. Your packaging is the medium through which you can communicate these values to your potential consumers.

The look and feel of your cannabis packaging are just as important as your product. Think about what types of emotions and expectations you want your customers to have when thinking about your product. Your tagline should communicate the overall feeling of the shopping experience at your dispensary in the best light possible.

Every cannabis dispensary should put effort into creating effective and memorable taglines and packaging. Once you’ve decided on your cannabis marketing strategy, it’s easy to execute it with Cannabiz Supply. We’re a packaging company that provides jars, bags, vapes, and other goods and accessories to cannabis dispensaries.

Cannabiz Supply specializes in the on-site label printing and custom packaging you need to help your dispensary grow. To learn more, check us out on our website.



According to projections from the Marijuana Business Factbook, retail medical and recreational cannabis sales are on track to exceed $12 billion by the end of 2019, a 35% increase over 2018’s figures.

Another research report suggests that this kind of significant growth will continue, and that the market size will reach $66.3 billion by 2025. That’s an annual growth rate of 23.9% over the next six years.

As the market grows, more entrepreneurs will start seeing the opportunities available in dispensary ownership. Staying competitive means creating a brand and a logo that will help you stand out from the pack.

1. Develop your overall packaging strategy first.

Your dispensary logo will appear on your product packaging. You need to know what that packaging will look like before you can make any permanent logo decisions.

dispensary logo

Your packaging should reflect your brand identity and resonate with your target audience. A product that reaches mostly young and energetic recreational users, for example, might have brightly colored packaging.

If your customers tend to come from the natural-living crowd, you might decide to go with earth tones and simple graphics.

Once you’ve determined your color scheme and style, you can think about what logo might go well with it, and what its aesthetic might be.

2. Check out the competitors’ logos

Look at the logos of several other marijuana distributors and dispensaries. Pay attention to the ones that are original and enticing, as well as the ones that seem tired or unoriginal. What distinguishes the good from the bad, and how can you use that knowledge to make your logo stand out?

Think about your own brand: what makes you different from other dispensaries? Think about how you can represent those differences visually.

Whatever you do, keep it simple. You won’t get instant recognition if there are too many complex visual elements in your cannabis logo.

3. Choose a font and symbol for your dispensary logo

There are three different types of logos:

  1. Logotypes or wordmarks, which consist only of text marijuana dispensary logos
  2. Standalone symbols, which have no text
  3. Combination logos, which have lettering and graphic elements

If you choose a wordmark or combination logo for your dispensary, Logos with symbols are often easier to design, simply because there’s more scope for the creativity’ll need a font that stands out and a brand name that is memorable. The entire purpose of a logo is to get instant recognition, and a commonly used typeface or generic brand name just won’t serve that purpose.

4. Make your dispensary logo mean something.

A shape or image becomes a “symbol” when it has meaning beyond the literal—when it references something. For example, when you see an apple, you might think of school (“an apple for the teacher”) or health (“an apple a day keeps the doctor away”).

The discipline of semiotics is all about understanding these symbols, their meanings, and the effects they have on people.

An understanding of semiotics can help you design a great logo. For example, if you want to communicate your brand as natural, organic, and calming, you could choose to place the traditional marijuana leaf within a circle. If you want to further emphasize the calming element, choose a green and blue color scheme.

Partner with the Best

Remember, your cannabis logo is only as good as its presentation. Cannabiz Supply has the cannabis packaging and labeling materials to complement your logo and make it stand out. Get in touch with us to discuss your packaging needs today!

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