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Should You Use a Designated Cannabis Packaging Supplier or a General Packaging Wholesaler?
Designated packaging

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing in both medicinal and recreational markets. If you own or work in a dispensary, you know that having the ability to get your products to your customers quickly is a big priority, and finding a suitable cannabis packaging company can turn your small boutique into a major player in the region.

Choosing a supplier doesn’t have to be a difficult process. You need to make sure your supplier will be able to navigate around the occasional speedbump and that they will be able to get your customers what they want on time. You have two basic options:

  • Cannabis-specific suppliers
  • General packaging wholesalers

Both of these options provide similar services, but there are subtle differences between them, and understanding them will help you make a stronger and more informed choice.

Cannabis Packaging Supplier

These companies are newer, and work individually with dispensaries to get orders packed and shipped. They’ve chosen to build their business around the ins and outs of both recreational and medical marijuana packaging, and they understand the new laws that pertain to marijuana distribution.

These companies are often able to provide custom packaging designed with your business’s brand identity in mind. They’ll also be able to recommend different types of packaging based on your product and your company’s needs.

It’s important to consider cost. These companies offer a lot of attention and personalization, and you should expect to pay for it. If your business is still in its early stages, a dedicated cannabis packaging supplier might not be your best option. For those with the resources, this is a solid choice.

General Packaging Wholesalers

These companies offer a wide variety of options at a very competitive price point, making them a good choice for smaller businesses looking to grow. Whether you need paper or plastic, shrink wrap, sticky labels, or packing peanuts, general packaging suppliers can get you what you want in bulk. However, with this option, you might not be able to get the branding or customizable options that a dedicated cannabis supplier would be able to provide.

Another consideration with general suppliers is that they don’t always carry glass containers, which work better for some products. If your dispensary specializes in flowers, then having an airtight container will significantly boost your product’s longevity. You also won’t receive the same attention from these companies; generally speaking, you’ll place orders for supplies without having the chance to talk to anyone from the company about what works best for what product.

Packaging Considerations

If your business offers a variety of different products—and you most likely do—knowing the best packaging for each product is critical for ensuring the quality of each item. For instance, resealable bags and plastic tubes are perfect for edibles. Pre-rolled products also work best in tubes or bags, depending on the quality of the seal.

This industry is constantly changing. Whether your business is up-and-coming or comfortably established, take the time to think about the consumer and what their needs are. This will give you a better idea of what your needs are, which in turn will help you select the right supplier for your products.