5 Common Cannabis Packaging Problems

When it comes to cannabis packaging, manufacturers and resellers have a lot to consider. As the cannabis industry grows, packaging legislation does, too.

The exact specifications for compliance with public health and safety requirements vary by state. Having the right packaging is important: it means your customers can rest easy knowing that they’re using a safe and high-quality product.

In this article we’re going to tackle five of the most common packaging issues faced by dispensaries and manufacturers:

1. Cannabis Packaging Problems Related to Quality

There are few things worse for your reputation as a manufacturer than poor-quality packaging that fails to protect your product.

Plastic bags should be thick and durable, and jar lids should close with an airtight seal to ensure the freshness of flowers and pre-rolls. If your products are dried out or contaminated, you will quickly develop a reputation for poor quality.   

2. Design

Does the design of your packaging really matter? In cannabis retail, the answer is “absolutely yes.”

State laws are often very specific about cannabis packaging. They may demand that your packaging be any or all of the following: 

  • Tamper-evident (which means including seals that break visibly after being opened)
  • Opaque when enclosing edible products 
  • Resealable when enclosing multi-use products

These are just a few of the packaging requirements your state might demand. Be sure to stay up to date on (and in compliance with) state cannabis laws wherever you sell.

3. Child Safety

Both Nevada and California require child-resistant packaging for all cannabis products. In addition, it’s illegal to use packaging that uses images like cartoon characters or resembles candy wrapping that might be appealing to children.

It’s crucial to ensure that your product’s packaging does not violate these laws. Legal repercussions aside, these regulations are in place for a good reason – you don’t want your product falling into the hands of children.

4. Labeling

Labeling requirements can be complex. Make sure to partner with a manufacturer who is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to product labeling laws to save yourself a headache later.

Cannabis labels must include:

  • Health warnings and regulatory statements that must be clearly displayed on the packaging. State laws often dictate the exact font size and formatting required for these statements.
  • Information about the quantity and potency of THC or CBD in the product.
  • For edible products, declarations of the list of ingredients and list of allergens.

5. Aesthetics

With all these legal requirements and regulations, it can be hard to focus on making your packaging attractive and appealing to your customers. That’s where Cannabiz Supply can help.

Cannabiz Supply offers:

  • High-quality packaging that meets Nevada and California regulations
  • Custom printing services to create that perfect on-brand look
  • Industry specialists to help you find the right solutions for any packaging issues that occur

Join the Cannabiz community and discover how the right packaging can help you scale your business and keep your customers happy.

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