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The cannabis industry has grown markedly in recent years and offers exciting growth potential for manufacturers and distributers. The challenge lies in differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Product quality is important, but this alone won’t get your product noticed. As is the case in many industries, packaging, presentation and promotion are key to sparking your customer’s interest.

It’s also important to be aware of the varying local laws and ordinances that regulate cannabis sales and promotion. These four tips will help your cannabis company stand out from the competition:

1. Don’t Advertise with Outlets that Oppose Cannabis Use

Unfortunately, not everyone is enthusiastic about the various medical and recreational uses of cannabis. Many commonly used marketing outlets, such as social media companies and ad networks, can be very unfriendly to paid marijuana dispensary ads.

When you’re considering purchasing ads or joining an ad network, make sure the network is cannabis-friendly before you spend a dime. This will ensure that your product is presented in a positive light, to an audience that will be interested in (instead of hostile to) your message.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Analog

Due to constraints on online advertising, many cannabis businesses prefer to stick to traditional, analog advertising methods. Billboards, wearable merchandise, and sponsored events are all great ways to gain brand recognition.

The more you associate your brand with events, celebrities, or even fashions that are in demand, the more your brand will stick with your potential customers in a positive way.

3. Create Your Own Content

Many savvy entrepreneurs have found that creating in-house content can be a great way of establishing a brand identity while saving on advertising expenses. This can be done with text, images, or even videos featured on your various social media accounts.

Legal limitations make it difficult to pay for cannabis ads on social media, but a successful post can be just as effective in creating brand recognition and engagement. Make sure to maintain a consistent style and message when you post – when you create your own content, you have to worry about establishing your brand yourself.

4. Be Media-Worthy

Position your brand as an authority on all things cannabis. Reach out to local news outlets and let them know you’re happy to be a source for cannabis facts and industry statistics. You can even reach out to them with news pitches that present your business in a favorable light. New legislation, controversies, studies, and more are all fair game.

You want to create good will towards your business in your community. You can also do this by hosting events for the public or contributing to local charities.

Now that you’re ready to market your marijuana business, think about contacting Cannabiz Supply. We’ll make sure that you have the packaging and hardware you need to stand out from the competition. We’ll take care of the presentation side of your business so that you can focus on providing a great product to keep your customers coming back.

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