Rolling a joint is a skill that takes practice and finesse. These days, in places where both recreational and medical marijuana are legal, many dispensaries and establishments sell pre-rolled joints and marijuana cigarettes to make it easy for everyone to enjoy their products.

As with all marijuana products, the packaging you use for your pre-rolls is important. Businesses can’t just hand out joints without secure packaging; it’s important to choose something that will make your customers comfortable and that complies with state laws.

What’s the best way to package pre-rolls? There are several viable options, including joint tubes and bags. Here are some of your best packaging options:

Pinch Style Exit Bags

Pinch style exit bags have strong seals, similar to zippered sandwich bags, with a tab that must be torn off before use. This keeps the contents safe from young children and pets.

Pinch style exit bags are white and opaque, so you can’t see through them, and it’s easy to put stickers on them to brand the product and let your customers know what is inside.

Pre-Roll Mylar Bags

Mylar bags make it very easy for your customers to carry around pre-rolled joints, safe from prying eyes. They not only offer your customers privacy but are in compliance with most state laws. Similar to exit bags, these have a zip-locking mechanism that allows them to be reused.

Joint Tubes

Some businesses prefer to use joint tubes, also known as pre-roll tubes, instead of mylar bags. These are plastic tube containers that hold pre-rolled joints securely, keeping them fresh. As with the other packaging options, these are opaque and discreet, and can be easily resealed after opening.

Additional Supplies

Besides carry and exit supplies, you will need all the obvious tools for your professional pre-rolled joints. You will likely use cones, which are empty joint papers that come prepared with a filter so you can easily put whatever type of weed you want inside before twisting the end to seal them. These are easier and faster to use than flat rolling papers.

As far as paper goes, unbleached paper is a popular, all-natural option, but there are plenty of other choices, including natural hemp and even 24k gold.

The most important choice, of course, is what you actually fill your pre-rolled joints with. However, the right packaging can make the difference between a good purchase and a great purchase. Make sure you have carry and exit bags that allow your customers to purchase and transport your products discreetly and comply with all local and state laws.

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