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When you’re selling weed legally, you have nothing to hide … right?

If you operate a dispensary, medical marijuana company, or bulk cannabis sales group, then you’ve probably had this debate with yourself more than once. You follow all of the relevant laws and regulations, so that your product is perfectly legal. Why would you need to throw anyone off the scent? (Pun absolutely intended.)

Protect Your Customers

You sell weed legally. Your customers buy it legally. You can help them keep their medical or recreational marijuana on the up-and-up by packaging each product in a smell-proof bag. These bags make it easier for your customers to keep from having their stashes seized—something that, unfortunately, can happen even when they haven’t done anything wrong.

Remember, providing this kind of security doesn’t mean that you’re encouraging your customers to do anything illegal.

“Don’t Judge Me”

All buyers and sellers of cannabis know that not everyone approves of it, even though studies have proven it to be much safer than either alcohol or tobacco. Ironically, nay-sayers can be very good at identifying the smell of weed. The time-tested sandwich bag won’t stop those sniffers from giving your customers the side-eye.

Odor-proof bags can help your buyers keep their purchases discreet. That’s great for them as they go about their business, and it’s ideal if you have to ship the product. They can receive it and store it without having to answer any uncomfortable questions from neighbors, housemates, or delivery drivers.

Control Moisture Loss

As a retailer, you know that cannabis buyers care very much about the weight of their purchases. If they buy a 1/8 oz bag, they want 1/8 oz of product.

Evaporation can easily shrink your inventory by 10 percent or more. If your packaging doesn’t control moisture loss, you could be left having to either overfill your bags or re-fill them before sending them out. You don’t need those extra expenses.   

By storing and shipping your product in marijuana bags that are designed to be smell-proof, you benefit from a heat seal that also protects the humidity levels in your product. That way, your customers get what they paid for, and you avoid conflict as well as unnecessary expense.

Maintain Potency

Exposure to UV light and oxygen will eventually degrade even the purest cannabis. Without access to nutrients and water from the plant’s roots, the active chemicals in the plant start to synthesize and degrade.

You can slow this process by making sure that your product is sealed in smell-proof bags. If odors can’t get out, that means less air is escaping, which means that the product is safer.  

If you sell cannabis products for medical use, you’ll definitely want weed bags that are odor-proof. Your business depends on your product being potent enough to work. You literally can’t afford not to protect your cannabis from deteriorating prematurely.

Finding Weed Bags for Sale

If you want to keep your customers happy, not just any smell-proof bag will do the job. You’ll want to use smell-proof bags that are well-made and geared toward quality-conscious sellers.   

Fortunately, Cannabiz is now selling mylar bags online. No matter where you’re located, these bags let you offer additional value to your customers.

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