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How to Label Medical vs. Recreation Cannabis Products
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People often have different opinions about recreational cannabis than medical cannabis. Despite the fact that they come from the same plant and have many of the same properties, 42% of Americans believe that marijuana products should be legal only for medicinal purposes. In this article we are going to review some tips on medical vs recreational container labeling.

Older adults tend to favor medical marijuana over its recreational counterpart, while younger consumers are more likely to approve of all uses. These differing attitudes have played a large part in the creation of state laws that distinguish between recreational and medicinal cannabis. These laws apply not only to the sale of different strains but also to the content of cannabis product labels. 

As a dispensary owner, you need to be clear with your labeling to ensure that you reach the right customers while remaining compliant with your state’s laws.

Medicinal or Recreational? Label Your Dispensary Products Clearly

Before you start thinking about cannabis container labeling, consider your overall packaging strategy; consumers should be able to tell whether a product is medicinal or recreational before they ever read the label on the package.

Packaging and Labeling Medical Marijuana Containers

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When packaging medicinal marijuana, choose designs and colors that are commonly associated with medicine. Blue is a

popular color for labeling a package of medicinal product, most likely because people tend to associate the color with trust, security, and calm. For background colors, white is the industry standard.

You can also incorporate commonly used healthcare symbols such as the caduceus or the red cross. Whether alone or in combination with the traditional marijuana leaf, either will emphasize that the product is intended for medicinal use. 

Recreational Marijuana Containers Packaging

Used by itself, the iconic marijuana leaf symbol is more likely to indicate a recreational product. In general, with recreational products, you have more freedom in terms of design. Unlike with medicinal cannabis packaging, you don’t need to conform to any particular standard for recreational products; you can create a product design that reflects your specific brand and appeals to your target demographic.

If you aim your marketing toward a more sophisticated or eco-conscious customer base, earth tones and matte finishes can convey that message. This type of color scheme is also good for recreational cannabis that’s marketed as a calming agent.

You can choose brighter colors if you believe it will appeal more to your target audience, but make sure it doesn’t look like it’s designed for children.

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Be Careful About Medical Claims

The FDA is cracking down on cannabis containers labeling, packaging and promotional materials that make unsubstantiated medical claims. To date, it has only approved cannabidiol – not the cannabis plant as a whole – in the treatment of seizures for patients over the age of two with Dravet syndrome or Lennox-Gestaut syndrome. 

Clinical research into the use of marijuana to treat other conditions is still ongoing, but, until conclusive results are given, your dispensary labels can’t claim that your products eradicate cancer cells, reduce anxiety, or have any other medical benefits. 

Keep in mind that if a product is labeled “recreational,” you can’t claim that it has any medical benefits.

Legal Requirements

There are many other legal requirements for cannabis packaging. Laws can vary significantly from one state to another. Even within states, requirements may be different for medical packaging versus recreational cannabis packaging. Be aware of the laws in your dispensary’s home state and make sure that everything you sell is in full compliance.

Work with the Pros

Since so much depends on how you’re labeling jars and containers, from consumer appeal to legal safety, it’s important to make sure you work with a labeling company that understands the industry
Cannabiz Supply has the expertise and resources to meet your container labeling needs. From up-to-date legal knowledge to simple best practice information, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. If you’d like to know more about cannabis labeling or find out how Cannabiz Supply can help you, get in touch today.