The requirement for child resistant packaging is not specific to cannabis, but it is definitely something that every dispensary or smoke store should consider stocking to allow people to have the choice of keeping their cannabis safe. Most people looking for marijuana child proof packaging need it as a precaution. People don’t tend to leave cannabis in a place where their children can get to it. However, if a mistake is made then the cannabis could potentially end up in the wrong hands.

There are a few different designs of cannabis child resistant packaging. If you have ever received medication that is stored in a polystyrene jar, for example, you will know what this sort of packaging is like. Normally there is an area where you have to apply pressure in order to get the cap to pop open. This means young children can’t get to what’s inside. Though cannabis is not likely to cause permanent damage, it is only responsible to carry it around in child resistant packaging.

If you are collecting from the dispensary, there is also a chance that your cannabis will go into a bag with other items, and you want to ensure your kids can’t get access.

We offer a range of childproof weed containers wholesale, so that dispensaries, smoke stores, vape stores and other cannabis-related businesses can provide their customers with this extra peace of mind if they have children around.

We offer both polystyrene and glass containers with childproof caps. This means you can choose whether you are in the market for a more temporary container, such as a polystyrene container your customers can take their purchases or prescription home in, or whether you want a glass jar that can last a lot longer.

One of the benefits of buying childproof weed containers wholesale is that you can get them branded for a more professional look for your business. This means that it is easy to get your logo put on the childproof containers. With a minimum order volume, we can put the logo of your business on all kinds of marijuana containers, including those with a child proof lock on the top of them.

Even if you are responsible with your marijuana, as most people are, it is a good idea to make sure that it is kept in a safe place, and that the risks of children getting to it are zero.