Cannabis being contained in glass jars is perhaps the most common way people like to buy their medical or recreational marijuana. Glass weed jars have a number of different advantages, making them a very good choice for dispensaries.

They tend to be large glass containers for marijuana flowers, so if you want to buy the product unprocessed, as opposed to in an oil format, glass can be a good way to do it. A weed jar or weed bottles made of glass also allow you to see the contents. Customers can check the quality of the marijuana and see that it hasn’t dried out.

We only stock the best jars for weed, and our glass cannabis flower containers can be supplied to your dispensaries in plain or branded designs. We also offer a variety of different caps, choose between Plastic, Tin, or Child Resistant to keep your kids safe. All of our jars for weed are designed to be very hard-wearing, with thick glass that is resistant to smashing.

Our glass jars for cannabis flowers come in a variety of different sizes, whether you just need to store one gram of marijuana or want to get larger amounts at a time. Glass jars are basically unrivalled when it comes to keeping your cannabis in an airtight environment, where the elements that could damage the quality of the product are kept out, and the weed won’t dry out, or become damp or otherwise compromised. Nobody wants to smoke crusty and dried out weed.

For dispensaries, the option to brand with your own specific logo can even be a way to market your cannabis services. You can also do this if you are a vape store, smoke shop or other legal marijuana business that wants to have a professional presentation for your product.