Cannabis concentrates can take different forms, it depends on exactly you want from your marijuana experience. Since a lot of the states of the US legalized recreational cannabis, this has been one of the ways that marijuana has been sold, but it needs to be packaged correctly. Our dab containers are great for protecting the product but also for seeing what is inside.

Concentrates from a marijuana plant or flower are a way to keep the smells and the flavors as well as the effects but lose some of the undesirables such as the stems and leaves. This means a purer product and a lot of people prefer using it for cooking. The concentrate packaging needs to cater to the nature of the product.

You will often find these sorts of concentrate packaging solutions called dab containers or dab jars. These sort of small dab containers are perfect for housing products like waxes, oils and concentrates. We have a lot of suitable shatter packaging here on our site.

We feature a lot of concentrate containers which have thick glass and keep your product protected. The screw top lids are also a vital introduction to ensure that you don’t lose any through leakage or the lid coming loose.

The glass containers we have are also anti-shatter packaging so if you drop it, it will probably be okay! The thicker glass products still don’t distort the visibility of your concentrates, though. You can see what is inside your concentrate containers.

concentrate packaging