If you are looking to provide a glass container option for your cannabis products, or give your customers the choice between glass concentrate containers and other materials such as silicone, we could have the answer for you.

They offer a thick glass design, so they can serve as glass oil containers and cannabis glass jars which are durable, and do not break easily. They’re a good option for customers to take their product home in.

We provide a range of different glass concentrate jars and glass wax containers, so you can give your customers the choice. Some of our glass dab containers even have magnifying glass on top to allow you to see your cannabis-related product, wax or dab in detail. They really let the cannabis extracts shine, and also allow customers to see what is within. Silicone doesn’t always provide this.

Marijuana glass containers have been standard for dispensaries for a long time. Weed that is not stored properly can dry out and go crusty. It can taste horrible, and it can also give a really dry and scratchy feel in your throat. For glass concentrate containers, air or moisture getting in can impact the consistency, making it sticky, or preventing you from being able to dab marijuana easily.

If you’ve ever bought (or sold) marijuanana and not used adequate glass concentrate jars, you’ll know that it can impact the quality of the product. Cannabis is quite delicate in a lot of forms, so it needs to be kept protected.

Glass jars can be a great way to stop exposing the product to nature, the elements and the habitat. When not controlled, all of these things can make your marijuana go bad. Glass concentrate containers are airtight, and they stop it from drying out and becoming hard, or even impossible, to use. They protect against other natural elements that can impact the product too, such as moisture and humidity.

Glass dab containers are one of the options we provide. Cannabis glass jars can also be substituted for dab containers made of silicone, or high-quality plastic. Different customers may even wish to have the choice. Silicone may be more resistant to dust, and harder to break, for example. Cannabis glass jars do a good job of keeping the odor in the jar and the elements out.

We are a marijuana packaging wholesaler, and we provide the very best in marijuana containers. Solid glass is both weighty enough to protect the item, with medical-grade durability, and the smooth walls also allow waxes and oils within to be properly presented so your customers can see what is inside.

Our range of glass oil containers and glass wax containers is perfect for CBD brands and cannabis dispensaries. It is a way to protect your product but also a branding opportunity. You can get in touch with a member of our team to learn how you might be able to brand and customize marijuana glass containers for your business and provide a professional feel to your packaging.