These barrier bags use heat seal technology, this means that you can seal the top and create an airtight, controlled environment for the flower within. It can stay sealed until the customer needs it. There are also resealable mylar bags, with a resealable opening at the top.

People looking for the ideal find Mylar bags to be the best option, but these are not just dispensary bags, they are used for a variety of different things.

Mylar is a brand name based on a type of polyester, which was developed in the 50s. It has a lot of strength, and that means that when people grab or tug the bags they are unlikely to break. Also, because of the fact they are chemically stable and act as barrier bags so nothing can get in or out, they’re great for lots of products besides medical needs.

We stock a range of different wholesale Mylar bags in different sizes, with heat sealable tops, and with resealable openings.  These packs stop smells from getting out, and stop the elements from getting in. This makes them a good choice for temporary or long-term storage.

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