Polystyrene jars are an inexpensive way for dispensaries to package their marijuana products. They have plenty of benefits and they are a brilliant way to transport marijuana from one place to another.

Customers might have a high-quality weed jar or other method of storage at home, but just use a polystyrene jar to take it home. Cannabis polystyrene containers do have a lot of the same benefits of using glass jars. For example, you can still see the cannabis, so displaying marijuana for customers using polystyrene jars means that they can see what they are buying. They can’t come back to you and say it was low quality or dried out, as they will have purchased having seen it first.

Many people are also looking for marijuana smell-proof jars. For example, if you want to put your weed in a bag to take home with you on public transport, you might not want the smell of marijuana getting out. Some of our jars are quite large so the contents would have some sort of natural aroma. Obviously, cannabis is legal in many US states, but that doesn’t mean you want to advertise the fact you are transporting it.

As much as not letting things get out (such as the smell) the polystyrene jars can do a good job of keeping moisture out and protecting the marijuana within from drying out or becoming compromised.

At Cannabiz Supply, we have a huge range, from ¾ oz sizes to 16 oz sizes. With minimum order quantities, we can also brand the polystyrene jars with your logo, to allow you to give a more professional look to your cannabis packaging and also to help to promote your business. Contact us today to discuss polystyrene jars for cannabis, one of the most cost-effective solutions for storing marijuana products including cannabis flower.