Pre-rolled cannabis is becoming more popular, and there are a number of reasons to buy pre-roll tubes. They are perfect to store a whole joint in and keep it safe from the elements. We stock a variety of different pre-roll packaging.

We Offer The Best Pre-Roll Packaging

Pre-roll tubes aren’t just for people who are not able to roll their own joints easily, they make a really convenient storage method if you want to take your joint somewhere. Rolling a joint can be an annoying job, but it can be done by machines, and it is possible that the joints from these machines can be sold directly to customers. You can sell multiple joints at the same time and your customers can use tubes to carry either the individual joints or even vape cartridges.

We sell pre-roll tubes wholesale, you can choose from different sizes, capacities, materials, and, importantly, the lids.

The caps that go on top of the tubes are very important. It could be the case that you need a specific child-resistant or glass tube. Some people will opt for lids that are deliberately difficult for children to open, others will just want a high-quality glass tube. We can allow cannabis businesses such as cannabis grow and process facilities and dispensaries to carry a range of tubes. The tubes we stock are either see-through or opaque.

We even offer a cork design. Corkscrews can be a fantastic way to create an airtight seal to keep the smell inside and also stop the elements getting to your cannabis.