These cones are ready to fill, like an ice-cream cone for your joint. Simply fill with marijuana and it will be ready to smoke. Pre-roll cones are a very good option for dispensaries and can allow another way for them to create new products to sell to customers, who will like the option of being able to buy ready-to-smoke products.

Buy The Best Pre-roll Cones

Buying pre-roll cones wholesale makes them very affordable. It works out as just cents per joint, and these can be a product that prove very popular stocked in a dispensary or smoke shop.

Pre-roll cones work really well with our joint tubes. You can simply put the cones inside when you have filled them. This way, you can even sell them within a branded package to show that you are a professional brand.

Pre-roll cones offer a smooth burn, they don’t burn off any quicker than joints you have rolled yourself and they can even lead to a more consistent smoke. This means that pre roll cones are popular among people who can’t roll, but also among those who just want a more convenient way to purchase and smoke their medical or recreational marijuana.