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Cannabiz Supply provides labeling and supplies for your cannabusiness. We supply high-quality cannabis packaging, custom labels, dispensary materials, grow goods, and other cannabis industry supplies.

Working with all aspects of the cannabis industry, we supply products that are custom made for marijuana storage to protect your flower or pre-rolled cannabis products properly. Cannabis supplies need to be made specifically for the product to ensure that they seal in the oxygen and moisture required to protect the product.

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About Us

About Us

Our company has been around for over 5 years, though we have recently changed our name to Cannabiz Supply to represent what we do, and the service we can provide. Our warehouse is based in Las Vegas, which means shipping to US addresses is no problem at all. You don’t need to import from suppliers you don’t trust in other countries.

WE WORK WITH headshops

Who We Work With

One of the things we are proudest of is our ability to work with all sizes of business. We are a widely known dispensary supplier. We work with dispensaries, cannabis grow and process facilities, CBD and hemp brands.


Finding dispensary supplies wholesale can sometimes be tough, and if you end up having to get your packaging from multiple suppliers it makes a lot of hard work for your staff. We’re a one-stop-shop for all the dispensary packaging you could need.


A lot of people get their cannabis supplies from Headshops and we are able to supply, even for small orders. Plus, we can give personalization and custom labels to provide a more professional look to your Headshop marijuana supplies.

Smoke Shop Supplies

Smoke shops are another popular way for people to buy their marijuana and marijuana-based products. We work with smoke shops of all different sizes.

Any Other Business

If you need marijuana supplies then we would be happy to discuss your needs, we can provide the highest quality supplies all shipped from our Las Vegas base. If you can benefit from personalized dispensary packaging get in touch with us today.

Why Work With Us?

Why choose our services instead of others? What are the benefits of working with a dispensary supplier based in the US?

Same day shipping

Same day shipping. Many of our products can be sent out on the same day meaning they are with you quickly.

custom branding

Available branded or unbranded depending on your preference. You can either buy plain packaging or choose to have your business branding on the products.

We work with businesses of all different sizes

We work with businesses of all different sizes. Don’t be afraid to get in touch no matter what the size of your business.

friendly team

Our friendly team is always happy to help discuss your needs and advise what is best for your business.

best quality marijuana packaging

Only the best quality. All of our products are sourced to help protect your cannabis products, they’re childproof and keep the product properly protected so the quality doesn’t degrade.