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Oasis Sustainable Packaging

by Enio San 20 May 2024
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Cannabiz Supply, in collaboration with CLS Holdings & Oasis Cannabis Dispensary, has released the first completely biodegradable exit bag into the Nevada Cannabis Market. Cannabiz Supply spent many years researching and designing the perfect biodegradable exit bag, sourcing materials in Europe and Asia to release this product exclusively with Oasis Cannabis Dispensary. Cannabiz Supply's eco-friendly product line is called Eco-Impact.

The materials used are primarily bamboo, sugar cane, and the highest-quality paper to achieve a high-quality bag structure. Cannabiz Supply's CEO, Barbara Fox, has spent several years developing this material and working with manufacturers worldwide to make this possible.

"Our next step after proto-typing our initial run with Oasis Cannabis Dispensary is to offer it to more dispensaries that want to use this material. The level of waste in the cannabis industry is a subject that state regulators never discuss. Still, operators in the industry know that the level of waste they create to stay in compliance is astronomical. It took several years to release this because our company's goal was to be able to offer this product for nearly the same costs as non-recyclable materials available on the market."

In 2024, Cannabiz Supply intends to offer biodegradable exit bags as an in-stock option for its customers. Eventually, this material will be used by cannabis brands to package their products into bags.

One of our primary goals is reducing the negative impact on the environment and our carbon footprint, which will also increase sales and profits. With these materials and processes, we know the future of packaging and the cannabis industry is bright. The industry desperately needs sustainable practices and the easiest way to start an impactful new trend. Honing in on sustainable packaging isn’t just a good move for the environment. It’s also more cost-effective, less labor-intensive, and allows you to provide consumers with the best possible version of your product.

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