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Say Goodbye to Long Lead-Times

by Barbara Fox 14 Feb 2024

Cannabiz Supply understands that for cannabis businesses time is money and every day brings heavy customer demand, so when you are forced to endure 8-12 week lead times for your packaging supplies from international sources, it can negatively impact your business in a big way. What makes it worse, is that there is little that can be done about the current state of the supply chain.

In addition to the long lead times, there can be other barriers when dealing with overseas vendors:

  • Minimum quantities must be met that will affect the unit price.
  • Necessary Patents and Certifications are not Guaranteed.
  • Miscommunication due to Language Barriers will cost you
  • Often times it ends up taking many labor hours on top of long lead-times

In an effort to combat long lead times, Cannabiz Supply carries in stock locally, Compliant Exit Bags and we have just received a huge shipment of them!

Exit Bag Features

  • 2 Colors Available – Black and White
  • 2 Sizes Available
  • Holds Cannabis Beverages

Our team is standing by to process your order. We offer Same Day Shipping and Free Local Pick-up at our Downtown Las Vegas or our Tulsa Oklahoma area warehouses. No more waiting weeks for high-quality supplies.

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