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A Game Changer for Your Brand

by Barbara Fox 14 Feb 2024

The Silent Power of Cannabis Packaging

In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, branding and marketing strategies have evolved, but one crucial aspect often remains underestimated—packaging design. Cannabis product packaging isn't just a container; it's a silent sales pitch that communicates product value, pricing, benefits, and brand identity. For customers, it's the first touchpoint when browsing dispensary displays, influencing their purchasing decisions. In fact, 72 percent of American consumers consider packaging design when making buying choices.

game changer for your cannabis brand

Why So Many Cannabis Packaging Regulations? 

The cannabis industry, whether for medical or recreational purposes, faces varying regulations in each state. The most stringent regulations are found in states like Alaska, California, Maryland, and Massachusetts, while others are less restrictive, such as Arizona, Delaware, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 

These regulations encompass various aspects, including what cannabis terms can or cannot be used, the milligrams of cannabis allowed per package, font size, FDA warning statements, ingredients, state certification language, expiration dates, usage instructions, company contact information, and more. The complexity of these regulations stems from cannabis's federal status as a Schedule 1 drug. This strict oversight is vital for preventing counterfeit products and discouraging illicit market sellers. 

To meet these regulatory requirements, many cannabis brands tend to do the bare minimum to get their products on dispensary shelves quickly. However, in a thriving cannabis industry, settling for the minimum won't help your brand stand out. 

Cannabis Packaging Best Practices 

While regulations vary, professional packaging design can give your brand a competitive edge and establish you as an industry leader. Here are three essential guidelines for leveraging your cannabis product packaging:

01 - Be Consistent 

In a sea of options, the key to standing out is making an immediate impression. This begins with brand consistency and thoughtful design that appeals to consumers. Your packaging should feature recognizable fonts, imagery, colors, and branding elements. Your packaging design, from color choices to layout and materials, should create attention and draw in your ideal customers.

02 - Think Outside the Box 

Many cannabis businesses view packaging as a mere box to meet regulatory requirements. However, innovative packaging can be a powerful tool to connect with your customers. Packaging is not just a cardboard box; it's an opportunity to build a relationship. Share fun brand stories and emphasize your core values, making your packaging a relationship-building tool. 

Consider incorporating QR codes linking to third-party test results along with videos from those involved in your product, from farmers to the CEO. When you go beyond the functional aspect of packaging, each interaction with your product becomes a chance to connect with your customers, fostering brand loyalty.

03 - Give Back to the Planet 

Sustainability is highly valued in the cannabis industry, given its reliance on a healthy environment. The majority of cannabis packaging does not use disposable plastics. Consumers and professionals alike prefer environmentally friendly materials. A 2020 IBM report found that over 70 percent of consumers would pay more for environmentally responsible brands, and it is increasingly expected by consumers. Recyclable, biodegradable materials are becoming industry standards, and incorporating eco-friendly packaging can set your cannabis product apart and attract consumers who are willing to pay more to support the planet. 

In the competitive cannabis market, packaging can be a silent but powerful brand ambassador. By mastering packaging regulations and adopting best practices, your brand can emerge as a standout leader, connecting with customers and contributing to a sustainable future.

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