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Why You Need Brand Guidelines for Cannabis Packaging

by Barbara Fox 14 Feb 2024

You know that great packaging is a must for your products. A set of brand guidelines can help ensure that your packaging stays on-brand, looks professional and is completed quickly and on budget.

brand guidelines cannabis packaing

Not having established brand guidelines makes the entire packaging design process more difficult. It takes longer to complete because of ongoing communication. Our work slows to a halt each time we have to finalize packaging details like fonts and colors. Longer timelines and unclear examples for design elements can result in wasted materials and higher costs all around. Then, it can also make it more likely that we’ll have to print reruns.

What is the visual Brand Guide ?

A visual style guide – otherwise known as a branding guideline, style guideline, or brand identity guide – is a document with specific instructions on how to use the visual elements of a brand. The guidelines make sure that all forms of branded communication, including your packaging, are consistent with the look and feel of the brand. They can reinforce the brand’s message and create a lasting impression on your customers

Why your company needs it a visual Brand Guide?

Creating a visual brand guide for your cannabis company guarantees that your products have a consistent look and feel. By having all of the design details in one document, it’s easier for everyone involved in the design process to stay on the same page and make quick decisions.

What is included in a Brand Style Guideline ?

Your guide can include many different elements, but at the core, it should contain:

Your business logo

A High-quality, full-color, and monochrome version of your company’s logo will help with the consistency of the labeling.

Color palette

What colors represent your brand? A color palette will dictate main colors, accents, and font colors, and serve as a reference when changes to a design need to be made.


Your guide should show what font type, weights, and sizes are used for your headers and body texts.

Graphic Elements

If there are other visual elements that are core to your brand identity, you can include them here.

Tone of Voice

Is it calm and natural? Is it strong and bold? Is it comical or serious? Noting the voice of your brand can help keep changes in line with your brand style.

How do you create Brand Identity Guidelines?

When it comes to creating brand identity guidelines, you have a few options if your team is unable to assist:


You can search the internet for a template online and attempt to put together the guide yourself.

Use Design Tools

You can use tools like Adobe Express or even Canva to put together your own style guide.

The downside to both of these options is that you are trying to DIY it when you may not be a professional graphic designer. Having a clear branding strategy can save you and your team hours of frustration and wasted manhours. It is well worth the investment to have a professional help you with your branding and marketing goals.

Work with a Graphic Designer

You can work with a graphic designer or a branding professional who can advise and help you with finalizing your brand style guidelines. We recommend Ervinas Media. They’ll be able to assist you with creating a visual style guide that you can use for packaging design and beyond.

Your visual brand guide can be used repeatedly, so it’s a great investment for any company that wants to create a strong, recognizable brand.

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